Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting Game

Well, depending on which due date I go by, we are almost there! The "official" due date is the 4th, which is this weekend. Personally, I think the baby will come on the 7th or the 9th, but we will see.

At this point, I've pretty much got all my ducks in a row. I'm still working on picking a pediatrician and have 2 more interviews this week. I finally found day care that will take my cloth diapers (thank goodness) and got her locked into a contract. I gave up on getting the detail house cleaning done and have a cleaning lady working on it right now. Still need to pack the hospital bag...for some reason I am resisting that one, but I do have a list of what needs to go in it!

I decided to start my maternity leave a little early. I thought I was going to be a super woman and work all the way up to delivery, but I've been so distracted trying to get all these other loose ends taken care of that I decided to just give myself a break. So today is my second day of leave.

Earlier this week my grandfather died. I know it has been rough on my mom and aunt, who were both close to him. My best friend said to me "oh you are having a 'replacement baby'". If this is the case, then we can look forward to Speck having a sweet tooth, a love for animals, and an uncanny ability to fall asleep during movies. These are the things I remember most about my Grandpa!


  1. Oh sweetie that last paragraph made me laugh and cry at the same time..I love you!

  2. Grandma laughed at the last paragraph too!