Saturday, April 18, 2009

Xander's First Days

Here are some pictures from the hospital and our first few days at home.

Xanders First Days

I left in a couple pictures that were on my camera from the belly cast that we did at 39 weeks, so you can see how big I got! There are also a couple of really attractive pictures of me during pushing--I think they are horrible pictures of me, but considering they were taken about 20 minutes before I gave birth I think they are pretty cool anyway.

Little Soccer Fan

Erik sent this email to his soccer team, I thought it was cute so I am re-posting.

Hey guys,

Xander was born last Saturday 4-11 at 2:39pm. Obvious priorities have kept me from email, so this announcement is a bit later than I would have liked.

He watched his first UEFA cup game--Chelsea versus Liverpool--the following Wednesday and seemed to enjoy it, although he was more interested in the crowd noise than debating whether Torres' lack of direct involvement on the ball was a detriment to Liverpool or an effective decoy that created opportunities for his teammates.

I suppose I need to be patient.

Mom and baby did awesome--bloodied (mom) and bruised (baby)--but a healthy normal birth for both. Gwen did awesome. Taking no pain medicine or labor inducing hormones, her labor started slow and then surprised everybody by quickly accelerating. They called it 'spontaneous labor.'

Whoever came up with the idea that slang names for female body parts indicate weakness or a lack of toughness or endurance has never seen a natural birth.

Xander is already starting to gain weight, and mom and dad are getting some sleep!

Was hoping that tomorrow would be his first major outing for our game, but the weather looks likely to postpone that date.