Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woops, missed a few posts!

Wow, it's been a month since I posted a real post (other than the diaper give away). Funny, because it seems like so much has happened, and yet so little.

Highlights over the past few weeks were the baby shower and the maternity portraits. I've also officially finished stocking my diaper stash, decorating the nursery, and preparing the laundry room for the many loads of laundry headed it's way. And I think I've pretty much run out of nesting energy. I'm glad I got so much done over the last few months because all I want to do now is relax.

The baby shower was very fun. My old friend Jami did a fantastic job at decorating, catering, and organizing the whole thing. All I had to do was tidy up my house before hand, and enjoy cupcakes and gifts for the rest of the day. I love to host parties at my house because it forces you to clean up, and I'm always so happy that I did afterward. I have a ton of pictures on my camera, but who knows when/if I will ever get around to uploading them.

On the same day as the shower, we took maternity portraits. We used the same photographer who did our wedding, she really is amazing. I will post one of those--although most of them were nudes and wouldn't be appropriate for Blogger! I chose Beth to do our wedding photos because I fell in love with her maternity portraits. We really love working with her, she has this amazing ability to create the mood she wants to capture and her photos always turn out great.

I'm now 38 weeks pregnant. The baby could come any day now, or he could make us wait as much as 4 more weeks. Because of my choice to use midwives instead of an OB, there are no internal checks at my weekly appointments -- we just measure the belly, listen to the heart, and answer questions. There is a part of me that is dying to know "where I'm at"--if I'm dialated or effaced at all. But the part of me that made this decision is happy just waiting. I think that knowing I was (or wasn't) progressing would tempt me away from the natural birth that I'm committed to. As far as early warning signs, the only thing happening is Braxton Hicks contractions -- which have been going on now for at least a month.

I figure if this baby is anything like his Daddy, he hates changes and will hang out where he is comfortable for as long as he can.

As for how I am feeling, I could be more comfortable but really I still can't complain too loud. Heartburn is now relentless. I've stopped eating much after around 4, but even that leaves some reflux at bedtime. My hips have had some stiffness and aching, but I added a chiropractor to the mix of care givers and can't say enough good things about her. If your reading this in your final weeks of pregnancy and are struggling with achy hips, spend the money for a chiropractor (find one who specializes in prenatal care). I have spent the last 24 hours practically immobilized by leg cramps, but I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow which will hopefully help. I guess I can say I won't complain too loud if Speck decides to make his entrance this week :)

I've also started interviewing day care and pediatricians. Not too much excitement to report there, mostly just stress at this point. Once I have those two details sorted out I will have almost everything ready. I'm pretty worried still about the "Fourth Trimester" (the time while I am on maternity leave), as I don't really have much support available. But I don't really want to go on for another 3 paragraphs about that now so I'll just stop!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Diaper Giveaway

Ok, it's been a while since I posted and I'm at work so I really don't have time to catch you up now, but I just wanted to post this diaper giveaway notice... partly to enter myself in the giveaway, and partly in case I've inspired anyone to consider cloth diapers and you are interested in a chance to get a freebie to start with!

I really enjoy reading this blog (link below). Make sure if you visit her page you take time to read about their adorable baby chickens.

Win a free Bumgenius 3.0 Diaper! This is a valuable All-In-One cloth diaper that you can use for yourself or give as a gift to someone expecting a baby! Go check out Hot Belly Mama's Blog for details on how to win this wonderful All In One Cloth Diaper. Hot Belly Mama will announce the winner on March 30th, after her 30th birthday!

Here is the direct link to her blog:
Good luck!